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I am a visual and tactile artist, first and foremost. Fashion is a medium I have found to make my art come alive. My designs combine the understanding of the human form, a combination of draping and flat pattern techniques, and textile knowledge to investigate a world devoid of social constraints. I aim to expose human vulnerabilities while garnering an understanding of what makes us emotional, and how to harness what our powers hold. I use art to better understand the realm of personhood without assigning roles of who we are or who society says we should be. Gender identity and traditional gender roles are topics of exploration throughout my work. I dive deeper into the history and humanity behind different genres, and work to blur the lines.


With a mix of textiles, my pieces range from architectural to fluid. I want the garments to be felt, even through a picture. I make the art that I wish to see, I make art for myself, and for others who are looking to expand their knowledge, as I do mine. My work consists of a mix of traditional fashion practices such as tailoring and more alternative practices such as fabric painting and manipulation. I utilize tattoo and piercing influences as well as underground subcultures throughout my work, as I strive to break the boundaries of what constitutes as fashion versus art. I push the line of gender by creating predominantly gender-neutral garments as well as styling them in a way that celebrates fluidity and androgyny.


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