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Body Modifications: A Living Art

Body modifications: art, or abysmal? Humans have a long history with the practice of body modifications, but it hasn’t always been widely accepted. From the use of tattooing to signify cultural significance, to having your pet forever emblazoned on your skin, or the practice of lip plates in Africa, to following the latest piercing trends. Body modifications can mean a wide range of things, but in the broadest sense, it is the temporary or permanent modification of a person’s natural body. It is a way to express individuality, cultural or religious significance, group affiliations, and much more. 
            The topic of body modifications can be very interesting to a number of people, from historians and archeologists, to artists and enthusiasts. The history of body modifications is vast, and the art behind it has many meanings. The practice of body modifications is also interesting from a perspective of how it was first established vs how it’s being done today. The audience of this particular topic will be those who are interested in the body modification world and would like to learn more, or those who are interested in the way that body modifications relate to fashion.




Video and Stills Courtesy of JayEveylnPhotography

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